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Basic Facts:

  You enter your items into our inventory system and print barcode tags right from your home computer after paying a $7.00 registration fee.
  Your earned check will be 70% of your total sales of your items!
  Schedule your personal drop-off time that works best for your schedule
  All consignors can shop at exclusive Consignor presale before the general public
  At the close of each sale day, you will know exactly how much you have earned by tracking sales on your home computer!
  Your check will come in the mail within two weeks of the end of the sale. No calling or pick-up necessary!

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Item Pick Up

If you would like to pick up your unsold items, you must pick up your items Saturday, March 23 between 2:30pm and 4:30pm. You will be responsible for locating all of your unsold items. Any items that are not picked up by the end of pick-up will become sole property of Pigtails & Cowlicks. Most items will be placed in our Blessings Closet. Sorry, there are no exceptions as we do not have any facilities to store the items.

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