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Restock Consignors

As our sale has grown, so has the interest in being a Pigtails Consignor – and we’re thrilled!!! To allow more than our 450 Registered Consignors, we have room for 50 Restock Consignors for a total of 500 CONSIGNORS!!!

Your inventory will be dropped off after our first night of presales. Shoppers on our second presale night and the following two public shopping days will be LOVING your items.

It’s easy….just register online as a Consignor and select a Restocking drop off time slot found on your Consignor homepage.

You have all the same benefits as a Regular Consignor, including earned percentage and entrance to Consignor Presale …the only difference is you bring your items later in the sale.

  You will schedule a drop-off appointment on Thursday, Sept.19th between 9am-noon to drop off your items.

  Restock Consignors have the same deadline to enter items…Sunday, Sept 15 at 2pm.

PLEASE NOTE – due to our racks and tables, restocking consignors may not bring:
  clothes smaller than 18 months (boutique clothing in those sizes are acceptable)
  girl clothing over size 7-8
  bedding sets and/or comforters for any age

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shoppers will have more to choose from thanks to Restocking Consignors!!!

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family." - Anthony Brandt

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