What kind of jobs are there at Pigtails and Cowlicks?

Advertising - Hanging Flyers

You will receive 40 flyers to hang around the community to let everyone know about the sale. We like the flyers to be hung anywhere shoppers of kids' items would be - day cares, gymnastics/dance studios, convenience stores, break rooms, etc. Once you get permission and hang the flyers, simply write the location on a form we give you and return the completed form once the sale starts. This is a great job for someone who is unable to volunteer during the sale week due to childcare issues.

Receiving/Checking Items

You will check each item brought in by the consignor to make sure that it is clean and in good condition, is not out-of-date, and is properly hung and tagged. This is not a position for the meek; you must be willing to turn away items that are not acceptable, which occasionally makes the consignor unhappy! Attention to detail and an assertive personality are a must!

Checkout Helper

Assists with checkout so that all items are scanned and accounted for. Positions possible are scanning tags, assisting shoppers with getting items to check-out table, and handling payment.


You will assist as directed by the Pigtails & Cowlicks team. Tasks to be performed may include 1) hanging out on the sales floor to answer questions and serve as a deterrant to theft, 2) hanging found merchandise or cleaning up the racks, or 3) greeting shoppers as they enter/exit. Basically, you are just available to help where needed.


We need men! Let your man help you earn your volunteer hours. Help is needed moving racks and tables as well as setting up and breaking down.


We ask that if you have children, please leave them in the care of someone else during your work shift. Our volunteer jobs will require your focused attention. Perhaps you can trade childcare with a friend, so you can both work and both earn the Volunteer Presale Pass! If those arrangements are not possible for you, one of the volunteer shifts can be done with your kids - hanging flyers!

If you would like to earn a Volunteer Presale Pass, choose any shift. Sign up early so you get the shift you want. Shifts will be assigned first come, first served. Certain shifts will fill up quickly!

If you trade for volunteer credit or preview shopping passes, we are counting on you to follow through. In the event you do not fulfill your pledged obligation, or find a comparable replacement, you will not be allowed to participate as a volunteer again or participate in any future preview sale. Please understand that these guidelines have been put into place to maintain a high quality sale. Thank you so much for your time! The more volunteers, the more efficiently the sale is run!

"Children are a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward." - Psalm 127:3

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